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Read on to learn why team coaching could be one of the best investments you ever make.

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Two Interesting Facts:

  1. 80% of organizations operate almost wholly in teams.
  2. Fewer than 12% of teams score themselves as high performing, meaning that nearly 9 out of 10 teams in organizations are not reaching their potential.

A recent study conducted by Deloitte demonstrates that focusing on teams, not just leaders, is critical for business success. Moreover, according to Forbes, “Today's digital world of work has shaken the foundation of organizational structure, shifting from the traditional functional hierarchy to… a ‘network of teams.’”

All of this makes it clear that team development should be one of your biggest business investments. Organizational success depends on nimble and collaborative teams – teams that can rapidly adapt to both internal and external challenges and opportunities.

I can help you develop your team(s) to do just that: generate greater value for the organization while working more positively and more sustainably. You get better results, your people are engaged, and naturally want to stay. All of that impacts the bottom line.

As a Systemic Team Coach, I partner with clients not only on the internal dynamics of the team, but on how the team interacts with its stakeholders. The result enhances the performance of individual members, the leader and the team as a whole, all the while making sure the team is serving the needs of current and future stakeholders.

Future stakeholders?

Yes – future stakeholders. Given the stunning array of recent changes, many leaders are exhausted just trying to meet today’s challenges. No wonder it’s hard for them to find time to do their most important work: anticipating and strategizing for future needs and opportunities.

This is an area where team coaching can really help. With an eye toward the challenges and opportunities on the horizon, the team and I examine data gathered from team members and key stakeholder groups to discern and rally around a clear purpose. Having identified the issues & opportunities, we work together to determine what shifts the team needs to make both within and beyond the team, designing developmental and performance goals to fulfill the team’s purpose.

A Few Key Points to Highlight About This Process

Coaching takes place during regular business meetings while the team is doing real work. This approach allows me to intervene as needed to support the team's learning and effectiveness in real time.

My partnership with clients is based on data, not assumptions, ensuring the team focuses on the right issues. As I like to say, we diagnose patterns, not people.

During the engagement, I help the team establish practices that:

  • Accelerate decision-making
  • Share leadership
  • Increase accountability
  • Support ongoing learning and growth
  • Recognize and benefit from the gift that diversity brings to teamwork
  • Become more adept at responding to conflict, using curiosity and empathy to strengthen relationships and quality results
  • Take full advantage of the opportunities the virtual environment provides for optimal connection and collaboration

Team Coaching Case Studies

Since real improvement in business metrics is what matters most, my approach includes focusing on the key competencies the team wants to develop while simultaneously working on real business goals. We measure both – because “what gets measured gets improved.” As an illustration, here are descriptions of Team Coaching Case Studies using TCI's approach with one significant improvement pulled from each of them:

Large Healthcare System

Improved patient satisfaction ratings from 18th percentile to 82nd percentile

National Food Retailer

10% increase in sales

Global Manufacturing Company IT Project

3rd attempt at SAP project finishes on-budget and on-time

Surgical Service Leadership

65% improvement in positivity including an 87% improvement in Trust

Private Dentistry Practice

97% improvement in productivity and 107% in positivity

Healthcare Center

The entire hospital received one of the best scores they have ever received from a Joint Commission survey

Private Dentistry Practice

97% improvement in productivity and 107% in positivity

Medical / Pharmaceutical

34% increase in productivity, 52% in positivity

Consumer Goods

Engagement scores went to 4.9 out of 5.0, highest in five years

Telecommunications Small Team

“We trust, no one gossips, we follow the team contract”

Telecommunications Large Team

A high performing stable team moved to the next level


Fiscal results increased 40%, staff levels down 10%

Energy Company

Record revenue and profitability


24% increase in productivity and 32% in positivity

Team Coaching Process: A Sample Timeline


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